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Please Help Keep This Site Going

This site is completely non profit making and takes a lot of time and a reasonable amount of money to keep going. If you have found it useful, or interesting, or even both please consider making a small donation to help me pay the hosting fees.

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Below are some links to sites that have helped with the creation of these pages:

Black Bough -

Watch Guy -

Vintage Wrist Watch Company - 'The Vintage Wrist Watch Company'

Chris Balm, Antique & Vintage Watches -

Aviation Ancestry -

Vintage Watch Straps -

Below are links to forums that I have used to help research the site:

The Watch Forum

TZ UK Forum

The Military Watch Resource Forum

Omega Forums

Watchuseek Forums

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Pictures and Other Information

Over the years I have collected lots of information and many pictures of Helvetia watches while researching. I have used some of them in creating this site. Where I know the origin of the picture I have asked permission to use them and given credit accordingly. If you find I have used a picture you have taken please contact me and I would be more than happy to credit you for your part in helping spread the word about Helvetia!

Correspondingly, if you wish to use any of my research yourself I am happy for you to do so but please give me credit and direct people to this site,


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