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A Pair of 1940s Chronographs

I recently purchased my first Helvetia Chronograph and then a few weeks later my second!

The first dates from the end of the 1940s, it's difficult to be exact as Helvetia didn't use their own cases for chronographs and so don't use their normal serial numbering system.

It has a very unusual 'crab' lugged case in 18K gold and an even more unusual chronograph hand filled with luminous compound. I have never seen another like it.

The watch is fitted with a Valjoux 23 movement.

The second watch is from slightly earlier, about 1940. It is a more usual design for the time but still looks great!

The movement is an earlier version of the same Valjoux 23.

And hopefully I will go from 0 to 3 Helvetia chronographs, as I am just arranging for another, later, 1960s one to be delivered soon.


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